What Our Clients Say:
"Tom's advantage over other recruitment professionals is his background  and knowledge of the legal industry.  He doesn't waste our time sending us the wrong candidate because he understands what we are looking for during each search.  In addition, Tom is a good source of candidates even when the market is pretty bare due to his reputation and contacts within the legal community.  Lastly, Tom puts effort into finding us the right match and he continues to be responsive to our needs."
- Chris Buckingham, Downey Brand Seymour & Rohwer
"Kahn Soares & Conway is a small firm which has historically resisted paying attorney placement fees.  Tom Chase has been incredibly responsive to our needs, quickly understands our expectations in bringing new talent to the firm.  His services and fees have paid for themselves in time and energy saved.  Engaging Chase Legal Professionals has allowed us to spend our time in what we do best - provide solid legal counsel to our clients.  We have used his services on several occasions since our initial placement in 1998, and look forward to working with Tom Chase again in the future." 
- Dale Stern, Partner, Kahn Soares & Conway LLP
"We engaged Tom Chase and Chase Legal Professionals in our search for a firm administrator.  He was acquainted with our retiring manager and did a good job of assessing our needs.  We are pleased with the candidate Tom Chase  placed; she has been a great asset to our firm." 
- Lance Olsen, Partner, Olson Hagel Leidigh Waters & Fishburn LLP