Our Services


Services Provided to:


 Candidate Clients:
   Expert assistance with resumes, recommendations, writing samples and other documentation

   Career counseling including long term goal setting and prioritization

   Contract negotiations including salary, bonuses, sign on and relocation consideration

   Pre-interview preparation and assistance

   Post-interview follow-up

   Access to a national network of law firms representing a variety of firm cultures and areas of law

   Long term employment focus

   All information you provide is held in the strictest confidence

   Your express permission before any information is released to our client law firms

   Close working relationship with our recruiters in all phases of your job search


 Employer Clients:
   A company led by a former law firm Executive Director with 23 years of experience managing the daily business of a law firm.
   An experienced team of professional legal recruiters to assist in your search for lateral associates and junior and senior partners with a portable book of business.
   A professional team dedicated to the highest ethical standards in recruiting.
   A large database of outstanding attorneys and other legal professionals that gives us the ability to find the best talent available.
   A generous placement guarantee that shows our confidence in providing the right candidate for the right posisition.
   Total confidentiality at all stages of the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process.
   Assistance with expansion needs through merger and acquisition of other law firms or specific law practice groups.